How To Spray A Bedliner....(THE WRONG WAY)

I've got a little bit of bad news today.....

I wanted to share with you today a project that I've been doing.
It's not going well, and I feel that it's really important to share it with you guys. I know I've put some videos out there about my truck and some of the work that we've been doing on it, including spraying bed liner on my rocker panels and inside the bed. I did it on the grill as well in the back bumper, and I had a couple people ask me, you know how does it last and how is it going? I wanted to share that with you because I think it's important that I get this out there.

You know I am NOT a mechanic I enjoy doing this stuff. I put this stuff on YouTube. I like to do projects. I'Ve had some. You know some good successes with projects. This is one that's not turning out to be a success again. I really want to just share this with you. It'S about the spray in bedliner. This is the you pol, raptor bedliner kid. Maybe you've seen it in some of my videos and I actually called you pulled today and I talked with their representative. It was a very nice guy super helpful. He gave me some tips, but my bedliner is not going well and I'm gon na show it show you what that looks like in the video and then it will also take a look at how the rocker panels are going and some of the spray on on The plastic products and then also share some tips with you on you know what to do if you're gon na do this project. So let's take a look. Here'S what it looks like today, I have been doing some projects with my truck, which is the purpose for my truck, obviously, and I still have some dirt in there and some some mulch that you can see over here. My beautiful bedliner is not going well now from a couple different things you know. First of all, let me just show you what's happening. Is it's just it's just like plastic peeling off you know I can just peel this off with my fingernails.

I actually got a lot of this off, even just with the with my pressure washer, which is a good thing, because this is going to be a really sucky project, and I can't tell you how disappointed I am. You can just see it just flaking right off. There I've got some. What happened was you know right up here? This is: oh man, that's gon na be a few Sundays huh. So not so good. Not only that, but you know, like I said I use my head. I actually use my truck for work and projects, and this is the result. You know this was bare metal. It came down to bare metal on the on the bed and I thought you know hey just let's put some bed liner over it and it'll just stick there, but apparently it doesn't do that and when I take my shovel, a metal shovel that'll, just scrape right Off so it didn't stick. So what you pole has said is - and I don't blame I want to be very clear. I am not blaming you pole by any means, you know they did say there were instructions in the kit. I don't recall, seeing you know, information about prepping, the bed or anything like that, I'm not saying that it wasn't in there. I know I was in a hurry. I wanted to get this done and my point is, you know for doing this project certainly don't be in a hurry. You know I had just one weekend to get this done and I was doing it as a father-son project and just you know, just ran out of time. I wanted to get everything sprayed. You know we had some rain coming and I want to make sure it was that you know I got it done so this is the result of that.

Hopefully, you guys can learn from my mistake and I wanted to share that with you. So let me share some information with you what to do if they are going to do this project. This is directly from you, Paul by all means. Call you Paul. If you have any questions on it before you even buy the product or look at their videos. I know there's probably some videos on there too. I looked at some YouTube videos. I can't say I looked at theirs, but you know definitely be helpful. So first thing is you're gon na. If you're gon na work with paint, he said make sure you know right here on these surfaces, make sure you're working with 80 grit, sandpaper and you're gon na have to sand all this first now, I'm not exactly sure how much you should sand it. So you want to take a look at that for the plastic he suggested and we'll take a look on top here plastic surface. Obviously right here. On top of my this is my bumper cover, and I did see just a little bit of plastic chipping off of here. You can see I'm right underneath underneath here. This is chipping, but you want to also he suggested using some 180 grit sandpaper and then once you're done, sanding put on a an epoxy primer. They'Ve got some primer products. You know make sure you put that on. First before you put the bedliner on. He also said: there's a primer if you get into the bare metal to put the primer down first and then spray the bed. So I missed those steps and unfortunately you know that's gon na cost me a lot more time now to try to fix this, and I think I'll probably have to you know, spend some time. I'M gon na pressure wash it first and then you can see it didn't stick up here. He also suggested when you are, you know when you're spraying just make sure it dries really. Well, the instructions said to let it dry for like fifteen to thirty minutes, and he suggested you let it dry for an hour before you put on the next coats and make sure it's good and hard. So, let's take a look and see how the rest of the truck looks. You know I did. I did my rockers, you know this. Is this survived the winter? It'S fairly good. I've got a chip here. You know.

I've got some a couple chips here. This is actually my pressure washer pop those off, so my plastic. This worked out. Okay, so far, I don't see any issues with that. I do see you know, there's a couple of chips in here. I got a little bit of dirt down there too. They did try to wash it and then you know this look still looks pretty good here. I do have a little bit of chipping right here now this actually right here. My tire was too big when I was turning and I've got to get this trimmed off a little bit. So that'll be a project, but you can see it chipped off right there and I think, that's from the rubbing of the tire, but the plastic on the front bumper cover is still holding up well on the grille is still holding up. Well again, there is a primer to use for plastic, so make sure, like I said, don't do what I did talk to you pull to look at their videos. Make sure you do your homework before you get into this project plan, for it is twice as long as you know, then you anticipated self and then this side, the same thing on this side is, you know it held up. Well, I've actually got this interesting separation where the plastic is plus it moved a little bit so other than that you can see like underneath the rockers. This is that's back. You know, that's bare metal right there. This was actually that was sprayed, so I've got gravel just chipping away at that so anyways.

I hope that helps that's what it's looking like today. I like doing this stuff. I feel it's important that I share with you some updates of how the projects go. This one, unfortunately, has not gone as well as I had hoped, and you know stay tuned for more information. I might make another video as we get further along into it. Obviously, it's gon na take some time to redo that bed that'll be a lot of fun, but maybe I can learn some tips and how to do that, because I know I'm not alone on this, and hopefully you guys don't go through what I'm going through right. Now so anyways thanks so much for watching my subscribers.

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