Leveling Kits VS Lift Kits

No matter what type of truck or Jeep you’re building, one of the first modifications most people consider for their 4x4 is a leveling or lift kit. Not only does a lift kit give you a way to add larger tires to your vehicle but also a presence of different ways to build your custom truck or Jeep. They can also add functionality by increasing your clearance for traversing over obstacles on the trail.
Often people get bogged down on this choice, because there are a lot of options out there for lift or leveling kits. The first question to answer is what type of kit is best for your needs. To answer this, you’ll need to know the basics of what the differences are between the best truck leveling kits and 4 - 8 inch truck lift kits which ones are easier to install, what they cost, and what their applications typically are.


If you look at most trucks, the rear end sits slightly higher than the front. This is to accommodate the compression of the rear shocks under loads when hauling or towing heavy loads. If the purpose of your truck is to tow or haul, then you may want to keep this stance, but a leveled stance looks much more aggressive while also increasing your front end’s ground clearance. Also this is called the rack of the vehicle. This is why you need a leveling kit.
That’s not the only purpose, however. For Jeep Wranglers, it’s often to heighten the rear end to compensate for the sag from a bigger spare tire, or sometimes it can compensate for the weight of a winch on the front of trucks. Essentially, these kits typically involve a one to three inch spacer for the front or rear. You can then fit bigger wheels and cooler tires, and you’ll stance will look way more aggressive. View the best truck leveling kits here.


A lift kit is a way to pick up the whole vehicle, typically ranging from 4 inch truck lift kits to 8 inch kits, and some even going higher. While lift kits are obviously more expensive, they do offer greater benefits. Instead of only raising one end of your truck, you’ll be increasing your overall ride height. There are a number of different types of lift kits, too.
Some are essentially blocks, and these are great for a small boost in height without requiring a lot of extra installation, but some get way more involved with replacements for almost your entire suspension system. Of course, these require a lot more installation, but most of the better kits won’t reduce your ride quality or steering. It’s really all about what your needs are.


This is really a question that only you can answer. If you plan on using your rig off the highway, on trails, or on back country and forest roads, then 4 inch truck lift kit to a 8 inch truck lift kit may be best for you. A lift kit will allow your 4x4 truck or jeep to have bigger tires with tread more designed for trails, higher ground clearance to keep your intake out of water and your undercarriage off of rocks, and your front or rear end from burying itself in steep inclines.
If you plan on staying mostly on the pavement, but want a better, more aggressive look, then a leveling kit is much more affordable and easier to install. You can still fit bigger wheels and cooler tires, and you’ll stance will look way more aggressive. View the best truck leveling kits here.
No matter what you pick, make sure to buy a quality kit, as these new components you’re adding to your truck will become a part of your suspension system, and can easily mean the difference between a good day and a bad day. Fortunately for you, all the kits at Tuff Truck Parts are already sure to be quality since we only carry the best for our customers.

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