How to install aftermarket radio stereo Double Din in 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500

Hello, my name is Ryan. Today, we're going to be installing a new car stereo to be exact for to be installing the Kenwood DDX, seven, seven zero wishes it doubled in in DVD player, and we're going to be installing it here in this 2013 dodge ram 1500 pickup. I haven't seen any videos online on how to do this, so I thought I'd go ahead and create a video for myself. First things. First, with this particular stereo, there's actually a built-in bluetooth, so there's going to be a Bluetooth microphone, so what I've done? First of all, as I popped out these retaining deals and you can use you can do that with just a screwdriver. All you need to do is just apply a tiny bit of pressure. You don't want to like scratch, or anything like that. You want to be very, very nice, just apply a little bit of pressure to the bottom it'll pop right out now, if you can see inside here, this is going to be a really small nut. We'Re going to unscrew that, because what I'm going to do is I'm going to put my microphone right up here, I'm going to run the line down, I'm going to run it underneath the dash and over to my stereo. So there we go! What I've done here is I've ran my microphone once I had this open up, there's actually a hole right down here on the back side, I've run the microphone down that hole, and then I pulled it back up here so that it's tight against here. I'M going to tuck it behind this weather stripping right here. It'S a little difficult to do with only one hand who will do is, will tuck it right. There make sure that these holes line back up with your screws. As you can see, this is the cord running down from up there and then I'm going to run it over the top and back up underneath where the story goes. One thing you're going to notice here is that your stereo, even though the front part of it, is really deep like it's. It'S considered a double Dan on the front. It only slides in a single din port on the back and you'll see this here in a second by the post. There you go, that's the opening that the old stereo came out of, so it's a single din we're going to do is we have to take a hacksaw and we're going to cut it right here from this corner to that corner, and then we have to cut It on this side too, to look to leave this out. This doesn't do anything as far as being able to put this other stereo back in. You can put it back in just fine they'll stay in just fine. If you decide to put your stick, your stop! Stereo back in when you go to sell your vehicle or whatever, but in order to put in a double din I mean this is really. This is considered a single din stereo, even though it takes up a lot of extra space. They do this, so they can put the same in multiple vehicles anyway, we're going to go ahead and show you the parts that we're going to be using to put this particular stereo in okay, full stereo here is the new stereo. Now, let's look at the back for a second here: I'm going to do this because I need to show that there are some differences now, just so you know, I am by no stretch of the imagination, a professional car, stereo installer in my later teen years. I installed quite a few car stereos into my own vehicle, but I never did one professionally. I just basically the wires you plug in the adapter here and then you hardwire all your colors appropriately and that's it. That'S a lot more complicated nowadays. So here on the back of the stock Dodge stereo you're, going to notice a few things, this is a very proprietary setup. This is a very proprietary application for this. As your excuse me, this is your antenna. This is, I believe, your satellite radio. I forget what this is, but then this is your. This is all your power. This is your power. This is your audio and all that stuff. This is all your audio. On the left hand side your power here believe so it's very different to go from that. To this, because on older car stereos the this little deal right here. This is your antenna. This is a standard Universal antenna for pretty much every car stereo pretty much every car there is out there. You can see that that's different from this one here, so we need an adapter now, in most cases, adapters are very expensive. I watched a video on YouTube and found that this particular part number made by metro for 0. Eu 5 v is supposed to be the correct accessory for this car stereo. So we're going to plug this guy into the factory cursed airport, we're going to plug this in here into the vehicle to earn to the car stereo. So again, here's the part for 0 EU 5 v. This is supposed to be for Volkswagen Audi European vehicles. I don't understand why, but it's supposed to work. I believe this is. I found it for probably 20 dollars or less on namsom. The other part your need is KITT. This is the one thing. That'S been the most difficult to find. It'S made by Metra part number, nine, five, six five one eight be ism. Bravo is for Ram trucks 2013 and up without the eight inch screen. So if you already have the 8 inch nice screen, this is not the correct one for you. If you have the 8 inch touchscreen, I don't know why you'd want something different anyway, because that's a pretty nice setup, but this is the kit that we're going to need one thing that you will notice. I apologize for the darkness here by the way this metal piece right here used to be right here across there. That'S though, that's what your double door, your single din stereo, sat in now we're making this a doubled in the get that your going to buy is made by Metra part number, nine, five, six five one eight B is in Bravo the nice thing about this. Is it actually gives you full instructions on how to remove your and how to remove your stereo and the area to cut right there? It also gives you instructions on how to assemble your little dash kit, so you've got our dash kit assembled right here. We'Re going to go out and put it in now. Here we go here's the DVD player all the way installed. I apologize for skipping forward so far here, but let me tell you the issues that you're going to run into you're, going to need a couple, very specific things for this now, because they they don't have because the the 2013 Ram hasn't been made for very long. They have very few aftermarket parts and there are very few places that carry these particular parts, because there are so many people looking for them. I happen to find a place that had the dash kit, which you can see right here and I finally found a place that had the wiring harness so I ran into. I actually ordered the wiring harness off of ebay and the guy advertised it as the wiring harness for 2006 and up, and that is what it says right here on the back are on the front and even on the back, but it doesn't actually work when you Pull it out of the packaging, you can actually see that it doesn't connect this little gray, connector right there, as was supposed to connect to your to your truck to the harness on the truck itself. It doesn't work, so I ended up finding a place that had it now. The downside is, this part: cost 130 bucks. So if you're looking to install a double din stereo like this, this hit this alone, I actually bought it off Amazon. I think it cost me. 330 bucks or something like that I'll leave the links in the video here for all these parts. Just so you know so that cost me 330 when I went to Best Buy originally, they wanted to charge me like 150 bucks for the dash kit, and then I forget how much they wanted to charge for this. I think it was like 89 bucks for the wiring harness and it being the wrong one anyway, the wiring harness the actual the correct one is a hundred and thirty dollars, and then you also, if you have a Sirius satellite radio, if you know my truck came With its stock, if you have the satellite radio radio you want to keep it, you've got to pay an extra depending on where you go either fifty or even up to like 80 bucks for the antenna kit. You have to get an adapter kit, because the back of this has a standard antenna, but the back of this, the stock dodge stereo. It did not so because I ran into all these issues. I actually did these install over a period of about four days when I first set up to do this install video. I had all the parts necessary. I thought in my truck, which is why I started shooting the video when I got to actually wiring the new stereo. I found that I had the wrong adapter the wrong wiring harness. So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to pull apart the dash for a minute and I'm not going to pull it all the way apart. I was going to kind of show you what things look like, what it should look like, so that you understand what you're going to be getting into. I need to do this yourself, but just know that you're going to be in it once you get your your stereo here, you're going to be in it for another 150 bucks well more than that probably closer to another $ 200 for all the additional parts. So, if that's not something you're really, I would suggest holding off or maybe just buy one piece at a time, but anyway I'm going to pause the video here for a second readjust and we'll be back in a sec. Here'S what it looks like with the new car stereo in so this is your dash kit. Now your dash kit does have instructions that came with it. Now I'm not necessarily saying that they're the best instructions, but you know you can basically figure out how the dash kit goes together. It goes together. One way, one way: only if it doesn't, you know if it's not working, it's not the right way. So, let's finish getting my screws out of here now, let me also explain a little bit about the full application that I have going on here, because you'll see a wire hanging down here. So I install this this car stereo in my 2013 RAM in my back seat. I have headrest monitors they're, not the DVD players and they're. Just I think I paid 130 dollars on Amazon. I buy most my stuff on Amazon for a pile py le. I forget the model number, but it's a little 7 inch monitor and they actually worked really well, I'm kind of surprised they were super easy to install um I'll. Give you a little bit of a brief, because I'm sure some of the people that are watching this video are going to want information on that. I apologize for people that don't really care about that, but anyway, so it should be pretty easy to slide out. I'M going to set the video camera down here for a second, so I can pull it out using both hands. We'Re just going to expose the back here for a second okay. So here's the wiring harness right here plugs into the back. Pretty simple right! You have! These wires right here, the one this is parks which you actually want to ground this to the case. Now all car stereos nowadays DVD players anyway, it's illegal to watch TV from the front seat, so DVD players that are meant to be mounted in the front seat will have a function and then, when you plug you're supposed to hook this in to the parking brake Once you put it in park, or I think even some cases we have to have the parking brake on to be able to watch video on the DVD. I think that's kind of lame because what's the point having a DVD player in the front seat now for my application, I have the DVD player in the front seat. So I can control the DVD players that my three kids watch in the back, because I I work on the road I'm on the road 1012 hours a day and have three kids that need to be entertained. So, if that's the you know, that's what you're! Looking for, I would highly recommend grounding this. All I have all I did was run this wire. You can't quite see it, but I ran this this green wire to the side right here and I grounded it using that screw. What that does is it allows the DVD player the video to play on this while you're driving so these here, let me show you now the nice thing about one you get when you get the stereo or when you get the new dash kit here. Sorry that the wiring harness is, it has some very specific instructions on how to hook it up, and it's actually really really really easy. So this is your dash or your wiring, harness you plug it right in. If it's exactly like it should you do have to pull a little clip off of it, there's a clip that holds the wiring harness to the back of your old deck. You just have to pull that off. You'Ll know what I'm talking about when you pull it out. There will be no way that you won't know that with that what I'm talking about there anyway, so there are wires coming out of here. You run your your yellow wire, which is an RCA and then your your white in your red to your and your video in on the back of your stereo and then any video out you want to have on the other side. Obviously, you know you might have a different stereo, but anyway it plugs right in here and then it has instructions on like the colors match up exactly so. The purple are going to be speakers. The gray are going to be speakers. The white are going to be speakers, the green, the dark green are going to be speakers. All the other ones, on the on the on the deck side here are labeled very specifically and they're. Not these are, for the most part of these are going to be controls if you have steering wheel control. So if you have steering wheel controls, you do have to get a whole different adapter. I don't know anything about that. I apologize, but you will have to get a different adapter, so it might in my case, because I wanted the video out to my rear screens. I ran the rca's down through here and then I ran them under my I literally tucked them under my carpet, and I run them under my strip on that one side and under the seat to the back I'll show you that here in a second as well Anyway, the adapter that you got the one that was for the Volkswagen that I told told you about earlier. It does fit exactly it fits into this little pocket thing here and it plugs into the back just fine and it operates as it should. I'M trying to think if there's anything outside missing, I apologize. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask now, if you another thing this cord right here, which is on sitting on top of your ipod AV, that's actually USB, which I also ran down the side here. If you open up your glovebox, if you open up your glovebox while you have, while you have your you know, while you're looking over here, you can actually see a live of a light. You can drop your your USB cable right down there on the other side of that metal piece. If you can see it, it's hard to see and drop it inside your your glove box. That way, you have access to it at all times. Alright, so there we go now the now the dash is ready to be put back together. We'Ve got the DVD player plugged back in now this wire. Here I mentioned a little bit earlier. That'S my power wire for my rear monitors. If you have an SUV or something and all if you want to put monitors in the backseat, there are a lot of you know. There are a lot of cheap versions. There are a lot of expensive versions as far as I'm concerned as long as it works out. We care about the prices, so I did put some monitors in the back, but anyway around the around the wire from the back seat to the front, and I have it plugged into the watt to the TV power wire for the DVD players. That way, when I turn on the ignition and my DVD player here - turns on the rear, the rear screens turn on as well, which is super, duper easy we're going to go out and put back the the dash here. You have to kind of slide it underneath the shifter and then kind of gently push it back together. It should snap into place push around all the places that you remember having snap and then put your screws back in here and you're good. So here we go with my USB sticking out of the glove box here now, if you have an older iPhone like an iPhone 4 iPhone 4s, anything with the old 30-pin connector, you can actually get an additional cable. Now, what these, with a nicer stereos here, like the higher end ones with the DVD players anyway, there's a plug that you can get it's an additional. I think it's 30 bucks. I forget the part number anyway, you plug into the USB, then there's there's a an audio port on the back of your DVD player here. That will actually allow you to play your Netflix movies onto your DVD player and also Pandora and control them from

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